Hello and welcome to Robotics for COMPLETE Beginners!

A few years ago, I wanted to pivot in the job marketplace.


I was unhappy with where I was and was doing a job I never really even wanted to do but almost 5 years had passed while doing it!


I basically wasted my time getting high test scores, etc in college. I liked college, I never partied, never even drank. I worked my ass off while working a job like many of you have.

I felt lost, empty. I felt I had no control over anything. Everything felt, slippery and I couldn't seem to get a grip on reality.

Slowly, over time, I came across electronics. I craved the ability to make things and make my own path in life.  I bought a $30 arduino kit because it was gaining in popularity at the time. However, I was working over 12 hours a day, sometimes from 10am to past 10pm, and weekends. For a couple of years I became some kind of zombie working a job I hated, with no goals or end in sight. I was making good money, but I couldn't focus, I was too tired and just wanted to sit down and watch youtube or play a game to be honest.

I then pushed myself to focus at night and studied arduino but the learning curve was HUGE.

I was never good at math or physics. All the electronics information, the components, the programming, the setup on a computer were like a maze of information that I couldn't navigate. I could copy code from some project online or the mess of a website that arduino has (its seriously a mess still), but I didn't understand what was happening. I wanted to really know what my code was doing and felt there was a better way to do it!

I gave up for while.  It was a dark age...

My arduino box kept staring at me along with the folder I made containing example code. I searched online for a better way to program this thing.  I found out that the chips were called AVR chips produced by Atmel which is now owned by Microchip.  I then came across alot of suggestions that the C language was incredibly powerful for talking to hardware and for learning other languages for other types of programming.

That's when I committed myself again. I ordered the only book I could find at the time by Elliot Williams. The book was like a gift from the heavens. It was well illustrated, it was well explained and FUNNY.

I had hope again.

However, I continued to wrap my head around complex components and could hardly understand at first but it was much better than before. I really wanted to master this hobby, skill, and make it a career. I wasn't going back to school for this because I didn't have the money or the time! It was to be done on my own.

It all started to click finally, it all made sense and was easier than I had previously thought. Sure there are other websites that have great information and sell great products.

I wanted to make a website that teaches so that ANYONE can understand because I see where the job market is going. AUTOMATION.


"Learn to Code" is not just a meme, its a warning that if you do not understand how to make automated machines, programs, or the marketplace for those things, you better become REALLY REALLY good at something else because of the way this world is changing rapidly. Automation is that driving force behind this change. I want to help, even if you just want to understand the concepts. I want to show you how to become powerful in your thorough understanding of components, sensors and code for building your own robots, electronics, anything you can think of. That is my goal.

If I can do it, If I can understand it...SO CAN YOU!